Effective Document Management Systems.

Kyocera MFP, PRESCRIBE and PaperCut Business Application Case Study

Kyocera Total Document Solution Addresses Firm’s Needs


The most effective document management systems are those that provide an integrated solution. Consider a corporation relying on a group of non-networked, single-function devices. When its administrators saw the cost of printing documents, they took a closer look at their fleet.


They realized they needed to consolidate redundant devices and create a network of shared multi-function devices. They also expressed a desire to track the usage of each device and user. They felt this would give them more visibility and control over their print environment. The firm needed an integrated Total Document Solution.

The administrators entertained bids from two competitive manufacturers and Kyocera—but the first two failed to offer an integrated solution that addressed all of the firm’s needs.


We suggested replacing the non-networked, single-function devices with three networked TASKalfa color multifunction products (MFPs), each equipped with PaperCut MF, a leading print management software package. This system would free the administrators to monitor the print fleet in a single glance. Plus, small RFID stickers could turn ID badges into MFP access cards, allowing the company to track each user’s output.

The stickers would also eliminate unclaimed print jobs, since users would have to swipe their ID badges to release their printed documents. Kyocera’s native Printer Description Language (PDL), PRESCRIBE, could also allow users to easily include the corporate masthead on their print jobs, thus eliminating the cost of expensive stationery.


Our Total Document Solution has satisfied the company’s needs. The administrators can track the system holistically—and itemize usage by employee and cost. Redundant and costly single-function devices have been eliminated, and the firm no longer has to pay for expensive corporate letterhead.


The firm now processes all of its documents through one Total Document Solution. It had cut costs and increased visibility within their print environment. What’s more, the firm will run more efficiently as it expands and grows.


It’s in our DNA.