In Need of an Efficient Workflow.

Kyocera MFP and PinPoint Scan Business Application Case Study

Kyocera Provides ‘Coverage’ to an Insurance Company in need of an Efficient Workflow


Insurance agencies are dependent upon an efficient flow of documents. The inability to process policies in a timely manner not only creates a backlog in documents constantly needing to be processed, it also adversely affects customer satisfaction and revenue. This was the situation faced by a large insurance company’s local office.

The office was having trouble scanning to their document management system using their antiquated competitive manufacturer’s equipment. Storing documents in this system was very time-consuming and involved several steps — including scanning documents via SMB (Server Message Block) back to the users’ computers, using a virtual printer to send the document to the document management system, and then indexing the document.

The problem was compounded by the fact that the agency had no IT support staff and a Citrix environment where instability within the servers prevented static IP addresses from being used. This made scanning via SMB protocols a recurring issue.


The agency required a streamlined workflow for inputting documents quickly and efficiently into their document management software. An assessment was scheduled to observe the office’s workflow. What was uncovered was that only two users were able to scan documents to their computers. It was also found that the agency processes 30-plus new client applications per day, with an average processing time of over three minutes from start to finish. This resulted in a large backlog of documents constantly needing to be processed.


We proposed four Kyocera Black & White MFPs and one Kyocera Color MFP, all with the Kyocera developed business application PinPoint Scan. For the office size, the 30-35ppm machines provided appropriate output speeds. The robust document feeders were easily capable of handling the high volume of scans and Kyocera’s PinPoint Scan was integrated directly with the agency’s current document management application.

At the users’ workstations, a custom destination was created in PinPoint Scan to allow them to scan directly into their document management application. When users utilize PinPoint Scan at the device and select the destination, the application will open on their computer with the document they scanned, allowing them to immediately index and store the document when they return to their desk, saving several minutes per file.


By eliminating the use of SMB protocols and utilizing PinPoint Scan, the insurance company can point their scans directly into their document management application, bypassing the third step (SMB folder), and scan consistently and without connectivity failures related to SMB authentication troubles.


The time associated with the scanning of the 30-plus daily new client policies went from over three-plus minutes down to 30 seconds on average. The insurance company found that this time reduction resulted in an additional eight staff hours per week to intake more policies or move towards customer retention efforts, thus improving the efficiency of the office.


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