Digital data is rapidly growing and your company is connected by countless devices. As your company grows, so does its need for protected data storage. Maintaining all of this data for business continuity can be cumbersome. What do you do when your informational technology stops working? Companies of every industry need a quick, reliable solution. We can lift this weight with our file disaster recovery services. TTSG IT provides a vast number of cloud and backup solutions.

Disaster recovery is a top priority for all businesses. Simply put, if your computers, network or servers are not backed up as they should be, your company could suffer. Our robust disaster recovery process offers additional protection to keep your company data safe. Local backups are virtualized to the device or the secure cloud with the click of a button.

Our strategies are developed to restore hardware, applications and data. We meet your needs of business data recovery and help you get back to work. We create a clear, reliable disaster recovery plan to make sure your data is easily accessible during high-stress situations like digital threats, security beaches, natural disasters and power outages. Your staff can continue to work during our disaster recovery process. We easily restore your data remotely and get you back on track.

We make sure your network and connected devices are operating at peak performance to ensure consistent business operation. TTSG IT will oversee and maintain your technological infrastructure to keep it running smoothly and consistently. If a system failure does occur, we have your company data secured with both local and remote backups. Prolonged downtime is simply not an option.


TTSG It provides you with a secure and reliable way to store company information and operations. All data is protected by encryption both in transit and in the cloud. This makes sure the data is only available to the right people at the right time.


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