The way you manage information impacts how your business serves, operates and ultimately
succeeds. You need devices that do more with less and make information easy to share across
different platforms. You need systems tailored to you—that’s powerful innovation.

TTSG IT provides the resources needed to understand IT infrastructure and grow your business. IT Infrastructure is a crucial component to any reliable Managed IT program. Our team will oversee and maintain your business application infrastructure to keep it running smoothly and consistently, powering you and your team to service clientele more effectively and efficiently.

Reduce downtime with Reliable IT Infrastructure Services. We are here to support optimized IT systems that are encourage greater productivity. With TTSG IT, downtime due to technical difficulties will be a thing of the past. And if an issue does arise, you can rest assured that we will be at hand to resolve it as quickly as possible.


At TTSG, we understand that printing challenges come in all shapes and sizes. For some companies, unsuited equipment is to blame for ongoing expenses. Over-worked machines are prone to costly repairs and premature failure. On the other hand, underused office printers are expensive upfront. They are able to print at higher volumes, but are being used for smaller jobs.

TTSG can find a printer that is well-fit for your daily operations and is economical for your office. Our team will make sure you have the right-sized printer fleet to ensure peak printing performance.


At TTSG IT, we provide access to the latest applications to ensure the integrity of your network and all of your connected devices. Our business productivity support helps you find the necessary solutions to keep your system running at peak performance.


Email and mobile technology have enabled access to information anytime, anywhere. Administering an email server can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Add in mobile devices and the situation can become more perplexing. We help manage business communication through email hosting and mobile device management.


PCs, laptops, routers, servers and other devices require a significant amount of management. Our program can free you of this task and provide you with just the right amount of technology for your organization.

Printers and hardware


It’s in our DNA.