Digital, Automated Workflows

DocuWare is the comprehensive, complete solution for securely archiving business documents of all types, making them available in a flexible way. For over 30 years, DocuWare has helped thousands of organizations transform paper and manual processes into digital, automated workflow.

Enterprise Content Management with DocuWare means considerably more than archiving and managing documents electronically. ECM is an information system deeply integrated into a company’s IT infrastructure which automates and universally networks document-intensive processes.

DocuWare, a global ECM leader, offers complete document management via cloud, on premise or a hybrid-cloud solution. Regardless of the format and source, the ECM automates business processes and workflows by managing and linking documents electronically. This simplifies workflows and ensures that each employee has the correct document available when and how they need it.

The basis for this is the structured storage of documents in a central document pool. Every employee with the necessary authorization has access to all information needed for their work– regardless of whether they are at their PC in the office or on their smartphone when on the move. All interrelated documents concerning a customer, a project, or a business process are available within a few seconds.

DocuWare Data Sheet

DocuWare Kinetic Solution

Making Work Simple

DocuWare is based on a normal office environment and familiar working procedures. Documents can be collected, sorted, and edited in digital document trays. From the document trays, or optionally directly, and fully automatically, the documents can be stored in digital file cabinets. High-performance index functions ensure that every document is correctly filed and categorized.

DocuWare Benefits

  • Automate business process for increased productivity and improved customer service
  • Known for highly secure, scalable, easy-to-integrate technology
  • Future-proof technologies
  • Digitally handle workflow for optimum efficiency and transparency
  • Appropriate for all document types regardless of their source
  • Easy to install and train on
  • Available in 16 languages


It’s in our DNA.


“Remember the ‘customer satisfaction’ promise that many companies say are important to them? TTSG keeps that promise of “customer satisfaction” and after our copier installation our satisfaction is still important to them.

“In our 18 months with TTSG we have been very happy with the service that not only our sales rep has provided, but also their IT and service team members. All office service calls are responded to same day or first thing next day with minimal operational down time.”

“To the great staff at TTSG, we greatly appreciate your superior service! Technology is vital to our organization, and the solution that TTSG put together integrated seamlessly with our existing environment.”