3 Productive Office 365 Apps That You’ve Never Used

Over the last few weeks, most office workers have been transitioning into their home office environments to help slow the spread of COVID-19. There are many productive tools that come standard with any Office 365 package that most people have never used. Here is a brief description of 3 of them that are especially helpful for anyone beginning to work from home.

Microsoft To Do:

How many times have you hopped on a call with your manager or coworkers and forgot something important that you needed to discuss on the call? Microsoft To Do allows you to create a cloud-based list that you can access whether you are on your mobile device, computer, or tablet. By keeping an organized list on To Do, you will be able to check off tasks throughout the day or jot down ideas that you need to run by your manager during your 3pm phone call. Another key feature of To Do is the ability to share the list with a colleague in real time. This will help keep you accountable to complete every task that you have on your To Do list. To Do is the perfect application to help keep your priorities straight while working from home.

Microsoft Teams:

The Microsoft application that deserves the most kudos over the last few weeks is Microsoft Teams. Teamwork and collaboration are vital to creating successful workflows when working from home. Microsoft Teams is a program that enables hosts to create teams that can communicate via chat, video conferencing, and audio calls. Teams can be accessed on any mobile device, tablet, or computer, giving flexibility to team members when collaborating. By using Microsoft to conduct daily team meetings, our entire company can continue to enjoy our office culture virtually. Within teams you can also, record chats for anyone unable to be on the call and screen share with the other users.

Microsoft OneNote:

Taking notes during virtual meetings has become much more powerful with Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is Microsoft’s digital version of a physical notebook. Similar to a physical notebook, OneNote allows the user to stay organized by creating multiple “notebooks” for different projects, meetings, or subjects. With OneNote, the user is able to interact with their notes by adding photos, soundbites, videos, and documents directly into the preferred notebook. One of the most relevant features of OneNote is the ability to take notes within a Microsoft Teams meeting using the OneNote plugin. The ability for a user to conduct a meeting and take notes on the same screen will surely increase remote work productivity.


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