Document printing is often a company’s most costly, unpredictable expense. Rarely do companies fully grasp how substantial their document output is or the true cost of print supplies and equipment. An effective print strategy is an easy way to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs with ongoing support.

TTSG can help transform the way your office handles document printing. We specialize in impactful business document production and award-winning MPS. With our managed print services, we can identify opportunities to help control print-related expenses while keeping you thoroughly organized. At TTSG, our team can help your company determine the true cost of printing. We will uncover the hidden costs behind office printing and devise ways for your business to print more efficiently.

You can expect a proactive approach with a personal touch. We strategize hardcopy output and make sure you have printing supplies on time, every time. Our goal is to create customized printing programs that lower overall print costs, simplify operations and maximize resources.
When your company needs more toner, we will deliver it. If you have any performance issues with your printer, we will fix it. If you aren’t satisfied with your office printing system, we will replace it.

Hardware Challenges in Need of Office Printing Solutions

  • Wrong-sized printer fleet

  • No printing policy

  • No scanning strategy

  • Costly printer repairs

  • Poor recycling habits

At TTSG, we understand that printing challenges come in all shapes and sizes. For some companies, unsuited equipment is to blame for ongoing expenses. Over-worked machines are prone to costly repairs and premature failure. On the other hand, underused office printers are expensive upfront. They are able to print at higher volumes, but are being used for smaller jobs.

TTSG can find a printer that is well-fit for your daily operations and is economical for your office. Our team will make sure you have the right-sized printer fleet to ensure peak printing performance.

TTSG is redefining business printing with top-of-the-line printers and devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our line includes economical, multifunctional printers that meet the demands of today’s workforce. Whether you own a small business or run a multifaceted enterprise, TTSG offers enterprise-level hardware and printing solutions to ensure maximum productivity.



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