Your goal of an easily managed, paperless office is not out of reach. Transform hardcopy document distribution and storage into a simplified, digital workflow. TTSG delivers innovative scanning solutions that help streamline the entire document lifecycle.

Document scanning is an effective strategy to reducing paperwork clutter and hardcopy storage. It offers an efficient blend of hardcopy and digital documents. Finding the right balance of printed and digital documents is important to our process. TTSG can optimize your document management and improve printing and scanning workflows so you can simplify your business processes and save your company’s hard-earned dollars.

Digitally archiving your documents allows your company to utilize valuable office floor space while cutting costs. Every page that comes out of your multifunctional printer (MFP) costs your company money. While a single print may only cost a few cents, printing is an expense that adds up quickly. This is especially true when it comes to large print jobs like reference booklets, company reports, proposals and contracts. Document scanning ensures these important materials easily accessible while keeping them digitally stored, automated and in an editable format for future revisions.


Manage costs associated with your MFP while protecting your company assets. We leverage connected MFPs and applications to seamlessly link to your existing document management systems.

Color MFPs
Black and White MFPs


TTSG provides you with a secure and reliable way to send scanned documents to multiple destinations. With capture and distribution features like delivery confirmation, file password protection and document stamping, you have the flexibility you need to get your documents where you need them and how you want them.

Our software-enabled MFPs integrate with Active Directory, so user rights and restrictions are easy to implement and manage. We also meet advanced authentication needs with passwords and proximity card authentication while also allowing Public Access. You can be sure you have complete control over who is using your equipment and accessing your company information.


Take advantage of printing and scanning capabilities on the go with today’s mobile and cloud technology. Our Airprint-enabled MFPs make printing from IOS or OS X devices easy. With our app-based solutions, we enable users to conveniently print, access and deliver documents, web pages and images on demand from virtually anywhere. Your team can utilize our app solutions on their Apple or Android smartphone and tablet devices. Users can also scan files and images from those same MFPs to their mobile device.


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