“Bettering Our Communities Through Local Non-Profit Partnerships”


As TTSG has grown, CEO Tim Ward noticed it was difficult for non-profit organizations to find true partnerships to help them utilize technology appropriately. Tim and a group of major account executives set out with a goal to build a program fully tailored to suit the needs of non-profit organizations. Our Community Partnership Program focuses primarily on helping partners increase their positive effect on the community and its stakeholders. Taking a particular interest in the cause behind each of these organizations allows TTSG consultants to understand what is truly important and build mutually beneficial partnerships.


  • Complimentary comprehensive consultation to  assess and develop a technology roadmap for your organization
  • Donations and event sponsorships
  • Equitable pricing to accommodate your local organization’s size and budget
  • Increased access to appropriate technology
  • Advocacy and community outreach through TTSG employee volunteering
  • “Technology In Action” investment plans
  • Flexible billing terms to accommodate budgetary restrictions
  • Tiered Color billing program
  • Document management best practices reviews
  • No cost upgrade to include print monitoring software