Accessing Information Securely and Efficiently

As a business that depends on the continuous movement of information, managing your enterprise document output is critical to your business’ success. Controlling costs, optimizing processes, and ensuring secure communications impacts your bottom line, as well as your ability to service your customers.

Yet many organizations have little to no visibility into their document output usage and costs. KYOCERA’s CentraQ Pro and CentraQ business applications are print optimization solutions that maximize your hardware investment with KYOCERA, providing the power and functionality that enables businesses to gain control over their data and printing costs.

KYOCERA’s CentraQ Pro and CentraQ are powerful business applications that optimize secure and advanced document printing, while helping businesses to achieve cost-saving and environmental sustainability goals. Designed for organizations that require secure print job release functionality, CentraQ helps to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to confidential documents left at the device.

For added security, the application supports connected card readers allowing end-users to quickly access secured jobs via their HID cards. In addition, a network connected smartphone equipped with a QR code reader can be used to access and release secured jobs on any supported KYOCERA MFP or Printer.

CentraQ Data Sheet

Managing Critical Processes

CentraQ Pro and CentraQ allows users to send files to a print server, which can then be accessed from any designated printer or MFP on the network, where they are held in queue until released by the user for output. The application supports USB or Ethernet-connected card readers allowing users to quickly access secured jobs via their HID cards.

On HyPAS enabled models, print jobs can also be released by entering a secure PIN at the device’s control panel. A network-connected smartphone equipped with a QR code scanner application can be used to easily view and release secured jobs on any supported KYOCERA MFP or Printer. Should your business require it, CentraQ Pro also facilitates the management of copy, scan and fax activities, requiring user authentication at the device’s control panel prior to use. The application’s flexible capabilities allow network administrators to custom configure authorization policies by individuals or groups.

Benefits of CentraQ

  • Supports KYOCERA HyPAS-enabled MFPs and ECOSYS printers
  • Allows users to release print jobs from any enabled MFP or printer on the network
  • Helps protect confidentiality of documents
  • QR code job release capability
  • Reduces costs associated with unnecessary printing
  • Integration with HID card readers for secure job release
  • Simplified reporting capabilities to assist with job tracking and usage reports
  • Mitigates security concerns of printed pieces left unattended at the device
  • Supports green office initiatives
  • Tracks usage to right-size printers accordingly


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