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Meet the TTSG Team

Our team genuinely cares about our customers. Each one of our staff members encourages and believes in transparency. We prove this by providing excellent service to every company we work with, no matter how big or how small. As a small team, we are able to react faster than larger companies.

Think about a semi-truck and a small car making a U-turn. The small car can make the turn quicker and easier than the semi. That’s precisely how to approach customer service. We are ready to take care of your document management needs quickly and efficiently with personalized service that fits your business.


Tim Ward

Tim’s most impressive professional achievement is arguably the creation and establishment of his company, TTSG in St. Charles. “Started from a cardboard box,” is the way he describes the humble beginnings of the business. He started TTSG in 2010 amid our country’s greatest economic downturn and recession in decades.

The then twenty-nine-year-old entrepreneur set out to create a niche for himself. Tim wanted to use his business mind to help others by servicing the needs of markets trying to understand and access the growing offerings of technological advancement. His primary mission is to help business owners understand their current state of affairs so that they can make informed, intelligent decisions, and take action toward stabilizing and building their companies.


Favorite Sports Team: The Blackhawks

Hobbies: Coaching Baseball, Real Estate, Motorcycles, Classic Hotrods, Traveling, Golfing, Fishing and Hunting

Favorite Charity: Little City Foundation, Schaumburg IL

Operations Service Manager

Bob Withers

Having started his career in the copier industry in 1979, Bob has spent the last three decades honing his skills in service and support. He came to TTSG in 2013 and established our service department from scratch. As the head of our service department, Bob oversees the building and delivery of all equipment as well as the continued service of both hardware and IT for our customers. He enjoys a challenge of teaching his service team the skills required to maintain maximum up-time for our customers. Bob also loves cooking up flavorful dishes to keep the TTSG team full and happy.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Sports Team: The Yankees

Favorite Charity: Pets In Need


Operations and Sales

Jim Wilcox

Jim has worked as an IT professional for over a decade and wears many hats here at TTSG. As the head of our IT division, he has helped achieve our company-wide goal of offering a variety of technical services. He has built a team of ten who have contributed to TTSG IT’s rapid growth. Jim’s aims to offer a custom experience that goes far beyond other IT companies. He challenges his team to research and share all the new and cool tech that could benefit our clients in the long run.

Hometown: Schaumburg, IL

Favorite Sports Team: “Da Bears”

Hobbies: Hiking, fishing and anything outdoors


Chief Financial Officer

Paul Jones

Paul began working with TTSG in 2012 and brought over 30 years’ CPA experience to our company. He has helped us develop from a small startup company to a multi-location organization producing millions of dollars in sales. For nearly a decade, Paul has operated his own certified public accounting and tax preparation firm, Jones Sager & Company. His St. Charles firm assists with numerous accounting and consulting functions for TTSG. In years to come, Paul hopes to see TTSG produce 100 million dollars in sales across our four Chicagoland locations.

Favorite Sports Team: The Bears

Hobbies: Coaching baseball and golfing

Favorite Charity: St. Jude Children’s Hospital


Branch Manager - St. Charles

Rich Bargewell

Rich started his career as a baseball player with Na Koa Ikaika Maui in Hawaii. In summer 2011, he moved to Illinois and began working as a personal trainer. Soon after, he became aware of an opportunity in sales with TTSG and joined the team. He doesn’t hit and throw a ball as much anymore, but he still has an eye for the zone. He’s been a perennial top performer for us since coming onboard in 2012. Rich takes pride in being a part of TTSG’s positive impact on our customers, community and employees.


Hometown: Burlington, WA

Hobbies: Sports and outdoor activities

Favorite Activities: Spending time with my wife and our two beautiful daughters


Branch Manager – Chicago

Robert Gurney

Robert joined TTSG’s sales team in 2013 with five years of consulting experience. He quickly proved himself as a valuable addition to our team and became a Major Account Executive in 2015. Now, as our Chicago Branch Manager, Robert has a strong ambition to increase the overall productivity by implementing relevant employee training, budgeting effectively, eliminating inefficiencies and capturing growth opportunities. He wholeheartedly believes in Tim’s vision for growth and wants to be an integral part of it. Robert aims to properly develop the Chicago location into a consistently producing office and contribute to TTSG’s continual and sustainable development.

Favorite Sports Team: Buffalo Bills

Hobbies: Golf, Fishing and Hunting

Favorite Charity: Anderson Animal Hospital


Human Resources and Strategic Management Consultant

Yvonne Fanizza

Yvonne came to TTSG with 28 years of management and leadership experience. She has spent her career focusing on human resources, organizational restructuring, policy and procedure development and management training. Yvonne has helped TTSG develop our policies and procedures within our Human Resource Department and implemented them through staff supervision and coaching. She aims for continuous growth and expansion of the company through fast design, implementation and iteration. As a leader in the Human Resources department, Yvonne continues to build a motivating culture that encourages high performing teams and promotes a dynamic workforce.

Hometown: Schaumburg, IL

Hobbies: Tennis, Hiking, Biking and Outdoor Activities

Favorite Activity: Women’s Tennis League


Training and Development Coordinator

Ramesh Kudchadker

Ramesh came to TTSG in 2010 with 15 years of sales and management experience. He began working with us when we had three employees and has watched the company grow immensely over the years. During his time with TTSG, he has had positions on the sales side as well as the operations side.  He has developed and coordinated inner-departmental training, sales rep and customer hardware training. Ramesh looks forward to being an integral part of TTSG’s future growth and success.

Favorite Sports Team: The Blackhawks

Hobbies: Playing hockey and golfing

Favorite Activities: Spending time with family and friends




Marketing and PR Specialist

Katy Gurney

Katy began her career with TTSG in 2015, helping the company develop our in-house billing department. She later transitioned to her current position in Marketing, where her talents truly shine. Katy coordinates outings and events, builds marketing material, as well as updates TTSG’s electronic marketing formats. Think of Katy as the voice behind our company. She handles all public relations for CEO Tim Ward, TTSG and TTSG IT. Katy is an integral part of our company and continues to increase TTSG’s brand recognition by utilizing a wide variety of platforms. Her goal is to help us expand to new markets and continue to increase interest in our brand.

Hobbies: Organized Races, Horse Riding, Baking

Favorite Charity: Chicago Audubon Society

Favorite Sports Team: Loyola Ramblers


Leasing Manager

John Peavy

John is a highly driven leasing manager in charge of securing financing for our customers and all administrative duties associated with customer finance. He came to TTSG in the summer of 2012 when we only had four employees. He has watched our company flourish and has worked his way up from sales manager to his current leasing position. As a former Commodity Broker at the Chicago Board of Trade, John has provided our customers with expert funding and leasing options as well as unmatched service and assistance.

Favorite Sports Team: The Bears

Hobbies: Running, golfing and volunteering

Favorite Charity: Lazarus House


Database Administrator

Sobia Khan

Sobia came to TTSG in early 2017 with years of experience in Salesforce administration and financial management. She has quickly become an essential part of our team, winning TTSG’s Innovator of the Year award during her first year on staff. Sobia has led in our switch to the Salesforce Lightning User Interface and has developed database-driven business solutions for the entire company. Her goal is to automate as many tasks as possible for our Sales Team and aid in the expansion of the company. Sobia loves being a part of TTSG’s tight knit group and appreciates our team-focused culture.


Favorite Sports Team: The Bulls

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, shopping and organizing

Favorite Charity: Islamic Oasis



It’s in our DNA.


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