Many companies are clear about their internal goals but simply don’t know how to reach them. At TTSG, we are dedicated to transforming your business through efficient, integrated business solutions. Optimizing business processes is the first step toward accelerating your company and encouraging growth. Business process optimization is a strategic approach to alter how companies organize, perform and spend. It eliminates inefficiencies, cuts operational costs and helps companies achieve more.


Gain control of your company with business process optimization services by TTSG. We understand that every company is different. That’s why our team develops compelling solutions specifically tailored to your unique requirements and goals. No matter your industry, we can analyze the operational foundation of your business.

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your current operations and find new opportunities to help you gain control of your business. This non-intrusive assessment identifies how your business works, as well as your printing and scanning routines. This evaluation will help us generate powerful analytics to improve company processes.

Our team turns the data into business intelligence that can help enhance productivity and provide insight when it comes to pertinent company decisions. With intuitive results in hand, TTSG can implement a document and data strategy that fits your company’s culture. We will optimize your document management and improve printing and scanning workflows so you can manage your business, not your hardware.


Effective business process optimization starts with network device management. Optimize, track and manage network devices from local and remote locations. Be in charge of your documents and data anytime, anywhere.

With TTSG, your company can enable your IT administrators to effectively monitor networked devices within departments and work groups. This ensures high performance and maximize productivity. With select MFPs from TTSG, your administrator can even install and update firmware while easily monitoring device configuration, print volume, toner usage, accounting and device alerts.

Managed IT and Cloud Services


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