3 Ways MPS Reporting Empowers
Better Decision Making

One of the inherent benefits of working with a Managed Print Service provider is the access you gain as a business owner to key data about your team’s printing behavior. A helpful MPS provider will always offer detailed reporting of your usage and utilization, as this is one of the best ways for you to make decisions about their service.

Modern printing technology, in most cases, has inbuilt software that captures usage at a very detailed level, however capturing this data and knowing what to do with it requires some expertise.

Printer Hardware Usage

If you asked most business owners, their detailed knowledge of exactly how much their printing capabilities are being used is probably very limited. According to a recent survey by Xerox, actual usage was significantly more than the estimated in 70% of businesses.

When purchasing decisions are being made based on incorrect assumptions, the risk of choosing the wrong MPS or printing set up is high, which leads to unnecessary costs or underutilized printing stations.

The best way to help your business make good decisions is to take the time to understand the data that is produced by printing stations and using this data to more effectively manage your spending and investment.

Employees Usage

Once you understand how your printing fleet is being used at a high level, it is important to then investigate more detail about how different departments or specific employees are using them. The data captured about usage at the user level can be very useful when it comes to managing either your organizational printing policies or managing the usage by frequent offenders. This data can help you to see:

  • Good and bad printing behaviors
  • Personal and departmental printing needs
  • Wasteful printing – such as printing color instead of black and white
  • Peaks and valleys in usage during different time

Despite the changing nature of how information is delivered and consumed, and the fact that tablet and laptop technology has made document storage infinitely more mobile, many employees still can’t resist the urge to print everything that comes across their desk.

When you have accurate information about usage, you can use this data to help make better business decisions as well as help employees understand more efficient ways of managing their printer usage.

Service Histories

When you deal with multiple vendors/service providers, aggregating information relating to costs and down time can be more difficult. We see many businesses who over the course of several years have collected a wide range of printers from different vendors, with the result being an ecosystem of printing technology that is difficult to track, manage and maintain.

Similarly, when you have multiple brands of printers in your office, the software that drives the units is more often than not different printer to printer, which means collecting and using the data that they are gathering becomes a significant task.

Moving to a modern MPS means that you can gain the benefits of a single provider and simplify the process of sales, service and support across your entire organization.

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