5 Ways Managed Print Services Save You Time and Money

There are several ways that Managed Print Services are saving organizations both time and money. At a high level, the main areas that you can expect to see significant savings are:

What Kind of Costs can Managed Print Services Reduce? 

  • Costs associated with printer maintenance
  • Toner cartridges and other printing supplies
  • Cost of maintaining adequate security controls
  • Printer hardware
  • Energy costs of running older copiers and multifunction printers
  • Lost productivity when printers are offline

Each of these areas, when looked at closely, add up to a very serious cost to most businesses over the course of a year. Now let’s look at the areas of potential savings in more detail.

1.   Servicing and Maintenance

One of the biggest costs that is often overlooked when planning budgets for printing is those associated   with servicing and maintenance. While routine maintenance can be projected fairly accurately, the cost of emergency servicing and maintenance can really add up, especially when you have a large fleet of printers   to manage in your organization.

With a managed print service, this cost is included in the monthly fees which means that you can avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to keeping your printers up and running.

2.     Environmentally Friendly Toners and Ink Cartridges

In 2020, we have seen a huge shift in companies taking more responsibility when it comes to managing   and minimizing their impact on the environment. Most modern printing solutions are designed to be used with toners and cartridges that are manufactured in more sustainable ways, often from recycled materials. By implementing managed print services for your business, you can ensure that you have access to the most modern printing technology that is designed to save you money and protect the environment.

3.     Security and Compliance

It is not commonly known that one of the easiest ways a business network can be hacked is through printing networks and infrastructure. This is a very complicated problem but one that needs to be seriously considered when putting together your organizational IT Security policy. An MPS allows you to assign responsibility for managing this security risk out to experienced professionals.

4.     Modern Printers Are Faster and More Reliable 

Modern printers have come along way when compared to more dated models. More often than not, we    see customers reducing the total number of printing stations in their offices because the faster output means they need less devices to handle the workload from various team members. In addition to this, modern printers are far more reliable and break down less often, which again means the utilization of each printing device is higher, and less devices are needed overall.

5.     Space Saving Print Solutions

 Just like mobile phone technology, advances in both hardware and design mean that printers and copiers have shrunk in recent years. This means that most offices will reclaim space by having fewer printing stations, and smaller copiers, without having to give up anything when it comes to speed and functionality.

A good MPS provider will assess the space available in your offices, and make recommendations on printer models that align with your teams printer usage and the space available.

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