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Kyocera MFPs and DMS Link™ Business Application Case Study

Kyocera Helps Organization Boost Productivity


For an organization with limited funds, it’s vital to get the most out of all of its investments—including its document-processing system. Consider the nonprofit organization that provides services to children. It relied on a network of competitor printers to output a large volume of paperwork on a daily basis.

When the time came to renew the lease, the administrators decided to look elsewhere. They wanted to simplify the organization’s document workflow with a cost-effective, user-friendly system. Plus, they wanted to use multifunctional products (MFPs), knowing that these devices offered more value than single function printers.


The administrators were looking to convert the organization’s documents into digital files and were willing to consider any business application that might cut costs and boost productivity. They first asked their dealer about a competitor’s third-party capture solution. Having analyzed the organization’s needs, the dealer suggested Kyocera’s DMS Link™, a customizable document management interface that allows users to index documents at the control panel and route them from a Kyocera MFP to a document management system.


The dealer proposed replacing the competitor’s printers with seven Kyocera TASKalfa MFPs, each equipped with DMS Link™. He offered a web demo and proof of concept to show how the system, when outfitted with DMS Link™, would simplify digital imaging, distribution, retrieval and longtime archival. The administrators liked the system’s efficiency and value—not to mention the user-friendly touch screen panels on the MFPs. They decided to move forward with the proposed Kyocera total document solution.


The dealer’s team installed the seven TASKalfa MFPs along with Kyocera’s DMS Link™. The solution excessed the administrators’ expectations. It allowed the staff to scan documents directly into a centralized database in seconds and quickly retrieve those documents when needed. Better still, the upgrade didn’t disrupt the organization’s daily activities. The administrators are now considering the use of Kyocera’s DMS Link™ in other departments within its organization.


The organization routinely scans all of its documents and stores them digitally. That means all files are safe, secure and easily accessible. Plus, all devices are being used for several tasks—scanning, archiving and printing – so the organization’s administrators have managed to improve the firm’s document flow and cash flow with a single investment.


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