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Kyocera MFPs and DMConnect Business Application Case Study

Scanning Challenges for Hotel Management Company


A hotel management company was responsible for multiple properties across the US. The company’s management and finance departments were ineffectively scanning to file via SMB scan. While pleased with the stability of the platform, the company was experiencing challenges with scanning. Their primary challenge was finding a solution to accommodate more advanced scanning capabilities, especially within the finance department. The company wanted to take advantage of Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) to make text-searchable PDFs, enabling easy navigation through larger documents to quickly locate necessary information.


Management found too many errors in their unstructured electronic filing and recognized that the length of time required in finding documents significantly impacted productivity within departments. The IT director, who oversaw multiple hotel properties, observed the same challenges enterprise-wide.


Kyocera was invited to make recommendations to improve the company’s scanning efficiency. Upon completion of a needs analysis, Kyocera’s Total Document Solution, consisting of 15 HyPAS-enabled ECOSYS A-4 MFPs with DMConnect for Enterprise, was presented for their worldwide Headquarters.

The combination of the ECOSYS MFPs with DMConnect allowed the creation of a custom workflow, encompassing a structured method of capturing and indexing information from the MFP’s console, while converting the image to a text-searchable PDF, both of which were requirements of the client.


The client was pleasantly surprised with the ease, structure and accuracy of the DMConnect HyPAS application, which resulted in effortless learning and quick adaptability.


The Kyocera Business Solution Consultant and Area Sales Manager developed and implemented a custom solution that helped simplify the client’s workflow process and eliminated errors in filing, resulting in cost and time savings.


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