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Kyocera MFP and Teaching Assistant® Business Application Case Study

Kyocera Helps School Cut Cost and Increase Productivity


Since private schools lack public financing and government subsidies, it’s important for them to use their funds wisely. Take the example of a private Catholic high school. The school was looking to cut costs and update its document-processing system—specifically printing, copying, and exam grading.

The school’s teachers had been relying on a high-volume competitive MFP (multifunctional product) to scan and print documents, as well as a ScanTron test-scoring system to grade exams. These outdated devices were wasting time, space, and money. It was time for an upgrade.


The administrators sought a solution that would save the teachers time and save the school money. The new device had to have a smaller footprint than the cumbersome competitive MFP, as well as easily read control panel. Plus, the school’s IT – who’d be training teachers on the new system – wanted a system that would be simple to operate and easy to explain to new users.


TTSG proposed replacing the competitive MFP and the ScanTron test-scoring system with a single Kyocera multifunctional product. The new Kyocera device would be able to copy, print and scan documents, and once customized with Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant® business application, create and grade exams as well. The administrators agreed that the solution met all requirements and decided to test it out.

After using the device, the school’s faculty was impressed with Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant®, but decided to go with a Color MFP instead of Black & White, as first thought. To find a more appropriate solution, our team invited the school’s administrators to our office so they could operate Teaching Assistant® on the Kyocera TASKalfa Color device, which boasts a larger display and prints in color. Once the administrators saw the Kyocera Color MFP in action, they knew they’d found their solution.


The school agreed to a Kyocera Teaching Assistant 30-day onsite trial and the system proved to be an instant success. The administrators are now looking to expand the school’s document-processing system. They’re working with us to add more business applications from the Kyocera product line.


The school now enjoys printing, scanning and grading on a single device with a small footprint. The administrators are happy with the device’s low cost, the teachers have found it easy to grade exams and the IT directors appreciate how simple it is to explain how to use it. The Kyocera Total Document Solution saved money, time and space – and it the teachers focus on what is most important: their students.


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