HIPAA Compliant Scanning Solutions.

Kyocera MFPs and HomePoint Advanced Case Study

Kyocera offers Print and Scan Solutions to Medical Center


When a medical center was acquired by a large hospital group, change was inevitable — even when it came to their print solutions. The hospital group was using a competitor’s MFP and business application that allowed the group to scan to its home directories. The application was required as part of HIPAA compliance, prohibiting users from scanning outside the network. However, the medical center was a long-time Kyocera client and did not want to switch manufacturers, so they contacted TTSG to find a solution.


TTSG had a longstanding relationship with the medical center and had recently placed 25 devices at their site. As the hospital group was now at the helm, the medical center was tasked with finding a Kyocera solution that could function like the competitor’s, or the center would be forced to switch their entire fleet over to the competition.


TTSG recommended KYOCERA HomePOINT Advanced to satisfy the medical center’s secure scanning needs. HomePOINT Advanced is a Kyocera Business Application that allows the hospital to browse through sub-folders within its network home folders, create new sub-folders, and print PDF documents from these folders; and since other scanning methods were disabled, HomePOINT Advanced provided the single, secure scanning solution required as part of their HIPAA compliance.


The implementation was immediately successful as the hospital group recognized the value that Kyocera and HomePOINT Advanced brought to their organization. The client continues to be satisfied with our outstanding support and account management.


With DMConnect and PinPoint Scan in place, our client was able to scan directly from their Kyocera MFPs using DMConnect without the need for additional equipment. As a result, they now benefit from a scanning solution that’s easier to use and manage, and also avoids processing delays.


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