Improved Workflows with Kyocera MFPs.

Kyocera MFP and Cloud Connect Business Application Case Study

Kyocera Helps Consulting Firm with their Day-To-Day Workflow


Establishing an efficient system for sharing and storing documents is vital for an organization’s success. For example, the consulting firm that specializes in quality of life services. The company had been relying on an outdated competitors’ device to scan and print documents, and used a shared Google Drive™ account to store files.


The makeshift system was disorganized and unreliable. Scanning and uploading files to Google Drive took a lot of time—and locating the uploaded files was a hassle. Employees began using outdated documents simply to avoid the system. It seemed that a company dedicated to improving the quality of life in others needed improvements of its own.


During a scheduled visit, our team identified the firm’s need for an easy way to scan documents to Google Drive™, as well an an efficient method of retrieving and printing documents from its MFPs. After a thorough assessment, the dealer suggested installing Kyocera’s Color MFPs, knowing the devices would meet all of the firm’s printing, scanning and copying needs.

We also recommended loading the MFPs with Kyocera’s Cloud Connect, a Kyocera-developed business application that integrates smoothly with the firm’s Google Drive™ storage system. This application will allow users to retrieve and print files from Google Drive™ direction from the Kyocera MFP.


The company was satisfied with Kyocera’s total document solution and saw no need to entertain competitive offers. Our team installed the Kyocera Color MFPs along with the Cloud Connect application, and then worked with the firm’s IT team to ensure that its employees could connect to Google Drive from every device. The proposed solution was an immediate hit, as it integrated seamlessly into the company’s day-to-day workflow. Frustration with printing, scanning and storing documents was a thing of the past.


Thanks to the new Kyocera MFPs and Cloud Connect, the company enjoys frustration-free sharing and storing. Employees now easily retrieve the most recent versions of documents, as well as scan and upload new documents to Google Drive™. Most importantly, the new solution raised the organization’s quality of life, allowing employees to concentrate on improving the lives and businesses of others.


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