Reducing Inefficiencies with Optimized Document Solutions.

Reducing Inefficiencies with Optimized Document Solutions

CentraQ® Pro and Kyocera HomePOINT Business Applications Case Study


Managed print services can help an organization gain visibility and control of its printing, saving the organization money and boosting its productivity. However, legacy devices from multiple vendors can also make the print process inefficient, unsecure, and costly. This was the case with a local financial institution.


With multiple locations, this financial institution had over 45 legacy printers and MFPs from multiple vendors that were being managed by a managed print services program. Its fleet was a disjointed mixture of brands and functionality.

The financial institution’s multi-step scanning solution involved:
1. Scanning documents to email
2. Saving the document to a desktop
3. Renaming the document
4. Creating a new folder on the shared drive for the document
5. Saving the document in the new folder

This was a laborious and inefficient process to follow in order to place documents in the network folders utilized by various departments within the company. The printing environment was equally inefficient, with a mixture of local and network print devices that lacked any kind of secure print release solution.

Confidential documents that were printed would be immediately released to a devices exit tray where the documents could be easily picked up or mixed in with other print jobs. The potential for compliance violations was substantial. In addition, users could not retrieve their print job from the nearest device. If a corporate office employee was at a satellite branch and wanted to print, he or she would have to contact IT to be set up to print to one of the branches’ devices or print from a USB flash drive.


We were called to meet with the CIO and CFO to help the financial institution enhance security, functionality, and workflow, as well as meet requirements set forth in the federal guidelines and privacy acts. TTSG recommended Kyocera CentraQ® Pro print optimization solution and Kyocera HomePOINT Advanced business applications, as well as updating their current fleet with Kyocera MFPs.


TTSG replaced the entire fleet with 16 Kyocera MFPs, each equipped with CentraQ® Pro and HomePOINT Advanced to standardize the fleet and provide functionality to improve the financial institutions current business processes.

Kyocera’s CentraQ® Pro provided secure release functionality that allowed users to print documents and release them securely by swiping their HID card from any device on their network. Users could also release jobs from satellite branch devices, which made printing for mobile employees simple and secure. The secure print release feature of CentraQ® Pro enhanced the document security for the financial institution while also giving it a more efficient and flexible way to print to any network device.

Kyocera’s HomePOINT Advanced business application allowed users to scan into network folders, browse their folder tree, create new folders, and rename the document – all directly from the Kyocera MFP at the point of scan, regardless of the branch MFP they were scanning from.


Kyocera and TTSG brought an unprecedented level of efficiency and document security to the financial institution. Users can release print jobs from any HyPAS enabled Kyocera MFP or printer on the network, without compromising the confidentiality of documents. They can also access network home folders from any network-connected Kyocera MFP.


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