Scan and Email Solutions.

Kyocera MFP’s and AccuSender® powered by Biscom Case Study

Kyocera Supports Manufacturer with Scan and Email Solutions


Each day, a large number of financial documents came across the table of a large manufacturer. However, the manufacturer’s employees were unable to scan and email the massive amount of financial documents at one time due to attachment size restrictions on their email server. This was causing a major burden on productivity.


The client was frustrated by the amount of effort it took to send large documents via email internally to different departments for processing and externally to clients. The process of looking up addresses in the address book and breaking the documents down to sizes small enough for email servers to handle was a burdensome task. The process, while better than hand delivering documents internally and more cost-effective than FedExing, was putting a strain on productivity.


Aware of the challenge, TTSG approached the client, proposing KYOCERA MFPs with Kyocera’s AccuSender®, powered by Biscom application, to address the pain. The client was open to exploring all options to solve the scanning problem, including other providers. Our team, however, relayed the value provided with the AccuSender powered by Biscom application, and the client was sold.

AccuSender allows the client to easily scan and send large documents quickly with no size limitation. The application also allows the client to print barcode routing sheets for all of their common destinations, eliminating valuable time spent entering email addresses, subjects, or cover pages.


With a combination of the Kyocera MFPs and AccuSender powered by Biscom, the client can easily send large documents in one simple step. This expedites the financial document transmission and greatly improves the client’s productivity.


With DMConnect and PinPoint Scan in place, our client was able to scan directly from their Kyocera MFPs using DMConnect without the need for additional equipment. As a result, they now benefit from a scanning solution that’s easier to use and manage, and also avoids
processing delays.


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