Simplifying Workflows With Fax Solutions.

Kyocera MFPs and GoldFax Case Study

Kyocera Helps Casino Improve Existing Workflows and Fax Utilization


Mortgage processing involves an extensive amount of documentation and requires timely and accurate packaging of all loans. Without the ability to scan documents efficiently, processing can become bottlenecked and delay closings.

Such was the case with a Promex Midwest Corp. with a corporate office in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago and several branch offices in the Midwest. The company was at the end of their lease, and they were seeking cost-effective and more efficient replacements for their multifunction printers and scanning solutions.


Kyocera’s Business Solution Consultant was brought in to discuss how Kyocera business applications could improve existing workflows and fax utilization. The customer wanted a single provider to centrally manage the fleet. They also required a fax server solution to lower fax services and management costs.


The Kyocera dealership team recommended a GoldFax Server for integration with the customer’s Cisco VoIP telephone system. GoldFax — a high performance, enterprise class fax server software — enables the customer to send and receive faxes from desktop applications, email, Web browsers and the MFP. Included with the server is a GoldFax connector that lets the customer connect an unlimited number of HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs over their existing IP network to their GoldFax server. The GoldFax Insight Archive Database was also recommended, as it allows the customer to maintain a searchable database of faxes sent and received.


The customer purchased approximately 120 Kyocera MFPs, in an effort to reduce costs and standardize faxing with one centralized server solution and one MFP vendor.


While the competition may have offered to place more MFPs with fax boards in the casino, the Kyocera solution helped to streamline and simplify fax operations and eliminate analog fax boards and phone line maintenance. The addition of GoldFax helped the client easily manage all faxes, which in turn, helped reduce backlogs, workflow management and operating costs. Kyocera was able to provide an optimal hardware and workflow enterprise solution.


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