Too Many Devices.

Kyocera MFPs, DMConnect and PinPoint Scan Case Study

Mortgage Processing Company Boosts Productivity and Saves Money with Kyocera


Mortgage processing involves an extensive amount of documentation and requires timely and accurate packaging of all loans. Without the ability to scan documents efficiently, processing can become bottlenecked and delay closings.

Such was the case with a Promex Midwest Corp. with a corporate office in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago and several branch offices in the Midwest. The company was at the end of their lease, and they were seeking cost-effective and more efficient replacements for their multifunction printers and scanning solutions.


At TTSG, we understand that printing challenges come in all shapes and sizes. For some companies, unsuited equipment is to blame for ongoing expenses. Over-worked machines are prone to costly repairs and premature failure. On the other hand, underused office printers are expensive upfront. They are able to print at higher volumes, but are being used for smaller jobs.

TTSG can find a printer that is well-fit for your daily operations and is economical for your office. Our team will make sure you have the right-sized printer fleet to ensure peak printing performance.


TTSG recommended DMConnect to mimic the client’s existing workflow and to configure and control all licensed devices from one central server versus distributed management for five separate workstations. Essentially, DMConnect could provide all current client functions while also improving the process for the end user and simplifying management for IT.

To address the challenges of scanning to the central office over unreliable VPN, we also recommended that PinPoint Scan be used as a backup to enable scanning to local resources when the VPN was down.


TTSG implemented a comprehensive solution that included brand new MFPs, each with DMConnect and PinPoint Scan. This helped address he challenge of five separate scanning workstations and unreliable VPN connections.


With DMConnect and PinPoint Scan in place, our client was able to scan directly from their Kyocera MFPs using DMConnect without the need for additional equipment. As a result, they now benefit from a scanning solution that’s easier to use and manage, and also avoids processing delays.


It’s in our DNA.