Consistency, Persistence and Accountability

Congratulations to one of our June incentive winners, Lauren Klaus!  During our Quarterly Meeting, she was presented with a concierge combo package for exceeding 100% of quota!  She has been with us just 8 months but has quickly proven to be a terrific asset to the TTSG team!

Here, she writes, in her own words, the basis of her success.

“Being successful in sales, in my opinion, comes from these three things: consistency, persistence, and accountability:

Consistency is all about making sure that those seemingly monotonous tasks are done every day. This provides a base which not only shows one’s competence but sets oneself up for a repeated pattern of calls to meetings, meetings to proposals, and proposals to closed deals. It’s that age-old concept of understanding and executing the basics in order to grow and become a top performer.

Persistence is about drive and overcoming obstacles.  How bad do you want to achieve your goals, and what are you willing to do to make it happen? When you are able to work through a bad day, when you are able to use creativity to find solutions, when you do not give up on meeting goals, you ultimately will reach them. The idea that, “the only true failure is defined by giving up” is truth. Adversity is all about learning and applying that knowledge and trying again.

Accountability is the key to making consistency and persistency successful. This is because, without the ability to be honest with yourself, there is no way to grow. Self-awareness and the ability to take a hard look at yourself, is imperative to growth in the workplace, and in general life. Knowing when you could have done better and making needed adjustments is huge. Knowing that no one else is responsible for my goals is a seemly simple concept, but a big road block if not realized. If you can admit weaknesses and then do better, well, that’s half the battle. I know that I am the only one that can make my goals happen. I am accountable for my mistakes, for my attitude, for my ultimate growth. Knowing and understanding this is taking control of your life and is step one in how I believe I have been successful at TTSG thus far.”


It’s in our DNA.