Document Management in a Nutshell

I’ve had a lot of conversations recently regarding document management software and how or why it should be an important topic within any size company.

For those of us who aren’t the most “tech savvy”, document management may seem as abstract as any technical conversation that starts with “What even is bitcoin?”


Every business is built on information; from accounts receivable and payable, Human resources, sales, admin. Etc. every aspect of an organization has documents that are vital for their function. By taking a step back and looking at the workflows surrounding these areas and how information is shared, moved, and stored, we can see how streamlining certain processes would result in a more cohesive and productive business.


A document management system replaces hard copy filing systems, enabling a higher-level, and ease of, communication of information both internally and externally. Document management can take most routine tasks requiring multiple parties’ and start a workflow that automatically sends documents consecutively to everyone in the process so they can approve, edit, or review it, moving the document along unencumbered. This eliminates any points of stagnation throughout a document’s lifecycle through your organization. A document management system makes a business’ information for fluid and accessible.


Document management enables your business to increase productivity and spur on growth. By increasing the efficiency of an employee or department, your business can take on more work, on-board new employees faster, process invoices automatically, and emphasize more time on business driving activity rather than manual tasks. The removal of manual process management frees up employees to focus on more important work.


It is common for organizations to look at Document Management as a far-off project that they do not have the resources to pursue.  Both cost and employee time are generally looked at as the resources that are not available to provide in order to get started.  The truth is, that most businesses are surprised at the small amount of upfront investment needed to pursue implementing a Digital Document Management system to their business.  A Document Management Partner like TTSG will happily provide an initial assessment at no cost to take on investing their own time to begin seeing how your business could potentially benefit.  Within this assessment it is common for TTSG to uncover true cost savings associated with a proposed project rather than an increase in costs. Document Management Projects are generally scoped out in steps in order to refrain from any impediment on day to day work for your office.  An initial meeting can be eye-opening and at no cost, your office could be holding off on a revolutionary project for no true reason besides the fact that you have always done things a certain way.


It’s in our DNA.