Top 3 Trends in Office Printing Solutions in 2019

For many years, the promise of the paperless office has turned the heads of the business world. However, while we have seen the nature of the printing solutions industry, and printing technology change dramatically, the fundamental requirements for key business drivers such as physical copies of contracts, larger format printed plans and proofing documents remains strong.

In 2019 we have reached a new level of sophistication in the design and architecture of printed and digital document workflow management and storage systems. These systems reduce the environmental impact and cost of printing and also encourage the free flow of digital information to support the core needs of a business.

The truth is that there is no right or wrong solution here, as long as the design of both your printing solutions and digital document management systems work hand in hand to deliver business outcomes and support the needs of the changing organization. These are the Top Trends we are seeing in 2019, when it comes to printing management solutions.

1.    Increased Sophistication of Print and Digitally Integrated Workflows

The rise of cloud technology over the past 5 to 10 years has been rapid. All forms of cloud technology including cloud hosting, cloud storage, cloud workflow management software and cloud document management software has been widely adopted throughout most industries. The rise of cloud, mostly driven by the massive reduction in the cost of internet infrastructure as well as the plummeting costs of high speed internet has meant that the printing and document management industry are now able to provide better, faster, more automated and more integrated solutions to their clients, large and small.

2.    Enhanced Storage and Network Security

While the rise in cloud technology has been meteoric, it has also created additional challenges and considerations for business owners that were not present when relying on physical printing alone. Now that we are hosting so much information in the cloud, the need to have a clear cloud security strategy is apparent. This is especially true of businesses operating in industries that are dealing with highly confidential or high-risk information such as healthcare, defense, all levels of Government and finance. In 2019, we are seeing strong growth in the research and development being put into cloud security, with some of the technology industry’s leading innovations being born in the printing solutions and document hosting arena. In addition to this with an increase in the frequency and sophistication of malicious attacks on historically weak links in a businesses information infrastructure, such as printing networks, businesses of all sizes need to make efforts to ensure that the technology and printing solutions they choose are modern, and will stand up to the level of skills of modern hackers.

3.    Eco-friendly and Cost-Effective Printing Solutions Take Hold

In 2019, customers are holding the businesses that they deal with accountable to their carbon footprint and are paying attention to the efforts they are making to minimize their impact on the environment. This trend in environmental responsibility has sparked a huge surge in the level of interest we have seen in direct feed ink or continuous ink tank printing solutions. At a high level, manufacturers of these types of solutions have pioneered a new evolution of printing that does away with the traditional inkjet cartridge or toner cartridge. It is no secret that printing cartridges add a massive burden to landfills if not disposed of or recycled properly. These continuous ink tank feed printing solutions take it one step further by designing their printers to include onboard ink tanks that can be refilled cost effectively, and a printer head system that receives ink directly from lines attached to the ink tanks. This not only decreases the environmental impact of printer related consumables, but as been seen to lower per page cost of printing by up to 80%.

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