Why You Should Have TTSG On Your Side

We help companies reduce printing burden, improve productivity and lower costs.

Your business depends on your multifunction printing systems. If your copier, printer, computers, or network are not working as they should, your company suffers.

  • Prolonged downtime is really not an option. Keeping up with rapid technology changes is also a challenge. Let TTSG lift this burden so you’ll have more time to devote to other, more important things – like running your business.
  • Before you work with a document management company, you must ask yourself a few questions. How do you choose a service provider? One that will be there when you really need them? One that has the experience to deliver on what they promise?
  • At TTSG, we are committed to bringing quality technology to organizations and individuals through innovative hardware, software and unparalleled services. We assist organizations with their management, distribution and printing of documents.  Our process builds lasting partnerships by aligning solutions with customers’ evolving priorities.
  • Needless to say, we’re on your side. We want business owners and department managers to sleep easy know they have a team of experienced professionals keeping their print services in check and making sure they are running in tip-top shape.
  • Besides the peace of mind knowing that your network and connected devices are operating at their peak performance, TTSG Managed Print Service provides you with a variety of services to ensure consistent business operation on a daily basis.

Flexible. Reliable. Predictable. Scalable.

Benefits of TTSG Managed Print Services

  • Full Management, Support and Accountability
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency
  • Reduce Security and Data Risk
  • Access to Technology Experts
  • Predictable Costs
  • Technology Plan Aligned with your Business Needs

What We Do Best

  • Simplify your operations with advanced solutions
  • Maximize your resources to best utilize your technology
  • Reinforce total ongoing performance of your solution
  • Connect people with people to power progress
  • Start to transform your systems performance and put our powerful innovation to work for you
  • Personalized support for every project tailored to your specific industry requirements


Businesses today rely on their technology infrastructure for the efficient operation of the company. As your business grows, so will the demand placed on your staff. Let our company remove this burden. We’re here to address questions, provide advice and proactively correct issues before they impact your company.



Technology infrastructure requires a significant amount of management. Our service will free your employees of this burden and provide you with just the right amount of equipment/service for your organization.

Cost-Based Drivers

  • Escalating costs of existing infrastructure
  • Pressure to reduce business costs in general
  • Increase spend predictability
  • Cost reduction mandates to reduce print spend specifically
  • Balancing operating expense versus capital spend
  • Identifying hidden costs of equipment, archiving and business processes
  • Pressure to improve revenue and margins

Governance Issues

  • Lack of understanding of current print infrastructure
  • Inability to track and measure print environment
  • Managing large population of unconnected output devices
  • Managing Multi-vendor environment with multiple supplier contracts
  • High concentration of desktop devices
  • Current MPS contract ending in 12-18 months
  • Struggling to meet sustainability goals

Location-Based Challenges

  • Integrating systems due to mergers, acquisitions or consolidation
  • Newly merged organizations seeking efficiency and savings
  • Distributed offices and multiple locations
  • Autonomous departments making their own buying decisions
  • Growing mobile workforce or widely distributed workers

Strategic Process and Marketing Consideration

  • More efficiency in paper-intensive business processes
  • Customer needs that are creating new document or work-flow requirements
  • Little understanding of how printed documents get used
  • Print infrastructure not aligned to business needs
  • Increasing focus on operational efficiency due to competitive pressures
  • Highly regulated, document-intensive industry such as financial services and healthcare
  • High degree of security and compliance requirements


It’s in our DNA.